‘Black Ops 2’ zombie mode info released

 ‘Black Ops 2’ zombie mode info released

What started out as a silly joke, a peripheral mode to the traditional offerings of the franchise in Call of Duty: World at War has erupted into an absolute phenomenon. Treyarch is once again bringing back their zombie mode to Black Ops 2, and the mode is bigger than ever.

The story mode this time around is called “Tranzit.” While the jury is still out on to what extent severe acne will have on the mode, it does take place on a large map in which a bus route connects a number of individual areas. Treyarch says that strategy is important here, and that a number of unique zombies can be dispatched with classic and futuristic weapons, as well as “wunderweapons,” which can only mean good things.

“Survival” is a more traditional zombie mode, and breaks the “Tranzit” areas into individual arenas in which to blow away zombies.

The final mode goes by the name “Grief,” or, as Treyarch calls it, “4Z4.” This one sounds particularly interesting, as it pits two teams of four against each other in an indirect fashion. That is, the teams can’t actually fight each other. All of the players have to fight against the zombie horde, but each team can somehow convince, or “grief,” the zombies to attack and overwhelm the other team. This sounds like something that will either be awesome or a complete failure, but given the amount of time Treyarch has been  investing in these thus far, it’s probably safe to bet on the latter.

Black Ops 2 releases November 13. Have you abandoned the CoD bandwagon, or are you going to stick with it? Hopefully I’ll see you online, but either way, you can discuss your own favorite zombie moments in our forums!

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