‘Black Ops 2’ matchmaking will not be region-based

 ‘Black Ops 2’ matchmaking will not be region-based

Now that were are a less than a month away from the annual Call of Duty game release, Treyarch has been serving up information about Black Ops 2 on a near-daily basis. Today’s topic: matchmaking, which will not be region-based.

What does that mean, exactly? Basically, the matchmaking in past CoD games has assigned players to games that fall into that player’s region, regardless of other variables. That means that the game doesn’t care if you’re about to join a game that is comprised mostly of Starbucks customers as long as they are in the right region.

Game design director David Vondehaar stated on Twitter that the matchmaking has been revamped, and will now focus on latency and ping, so if you have a great connection, you will be grouped with players that are similarly smooth. Obviously, this should fix some problems, as in the past the only thing we have truly been able to count on besides a CoD every year is the matchmaking being broken at launch.

Vondehaar also said the team is still working on trying to bring back the Locale-based preference system.

In spite of myself, I’m starting to get excited for the game’s November 13 release date. Has anyone else been bitten by the CoD bug after a dry spell? Tell us in the comments, or discuss your best matches in our forums!

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