First campaign DLC announced for ‘Sleeping Dogs,’ fan poll to decide what comes next

 First campaign DLC announced for ‘Sleeping Dogs,’ fan poll to decide what comes next

United Front games recently revealed the first big piece of campaign DLC for Sleeping Dogs at New York Comic Con. In the live demo they showed off the Halloween themed content, “Nightmare in North Point”, which will be based on Chinese mythology. It all starts when the Triad torture and kill a gang member, unfortunately for the Triad he comes back to life and brings an army of the undead with him. Bummer.

Wei Shen will of course be tasked with taking on these new supernatural enemies, which will include possessed members of the 18k, they’ll have glowing blues eyes and disappear in a  flash of green light upon death. Thankfully for Wei, he’ll be getting some supernatural powers of his own. One mission will see Wei receive lightning fists upon drinking some special tea, this should serve him well as he takes on Jiang Shi, a vampire-esque horror from Chinese folklore.

No price has been announced yet, but “Nightmare in North Point” is set to be released on October 30th, just in time for Halloween.

For the next DLC pack, Square-Enix are leaving the decision up to fans. They have put up a blog post on the Sleeping Dogs community site outlining what would be included in two potential pieces of DLC. The first is based on the famous tale of the Monkey King, most recently retold in Enslaved from Ninja Theory. While the second is a Firefighter themed pack which would include a custom built fire truck of some kind. Read more about them here and then head over to the Sleeping Dogs Facebook page to vote.

Source: Polygon & Joystiq

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