‘Need for Speed: Most Wanted’ multiplayer trailer released

 ‘Need for Speed: Most Wanted’ multiplayer trailer released

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to a passively excited, articulate male discuss driving games with you, this latest video for Criterion’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted has you covered. The video outlines the multiplayer and social networking component of the upcoming game.

Following in the footsteps in the past several games in the franchise, Most Wanted features plenty of content designed to bring friends together and pit them against each other through challenges, leaderboards, and race variations that put an emphasis on the aggressive racing Criterion pioneered with its Burnout series and perfected in the current-gen Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

This video outlines several new features, such as deeper customization and a ranking mode, as well as cooperative races. Right now, it’s looking like the only thing that will be bad about the title is the font of the actual title. Discuss your favorite game in the series in the comments below, or visit our forums!

[youtube id=”5guNcA_p6UM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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