‘GTA V’ gameplay video is inauthentic, but still cool

 ‘GTA V’ gameplay video is inauthentic, but still cool

Few games have been greeted with the frothing excitement that Grand Theft Auto V has, and it seems that fanboys have single-handedly caused underwear stock to skyrocket as they wait for more information and footage. A video surfaced today that scratched their itch… kind of.

This video, while claiming to be footage from Rockstar’s upcoming epic, was quickly debunked and found  to be merely a pre-rendered video. Still, it’s hard to deny that it still looks pretty great, what with the effects, physics, and overall fidelity. If this is anything close to what the real deal will look like, graphics junkies will eat it up. As far as gameplay, who knows, but either way this was a nice way to top off the fuel on the hype machine after today’s earlier announcement that the game would be featured on GameInformer’s next cover.

What do you want to see in the next GTA game? Tell us in the comments, or head over to the forums!

[youtube id=”NiFyFrAmW1w” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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