Rumor: Microsoft ditching Points for real currency

 Rumor: Microsoft ditching Points for real currency

It would seem that with the release of Windows 8 just around the corner, Microsoft could very well be replacing their Microsoft Points system for real currency. The Verge reports that opting to purchase video content on Windows 8 beta defaults the user to paying via credit card, despite choosing Points.

The MS Points system has been the bane of many XBL users’ existence over this generation, likening the currency to “fake dollars” or “funny munny.” The system had many users confused as the Points given were not metrically converted to their value: 80 MSPs was equal to US$1, 400 MSPs to US$5, 1200 MSPs to US$15, etc. What made the system more of an annoyance was the amount of leftover Points consumers would have in their accounts. For example, a leftover sum of 13 MSPs is practically worthless.

The supposed change hasn’t been made official by Microsoft, but with the impending release of Windows 8 it would make sense to transition to a currency commonly accepted among its market (especially when currency conversions are involved). Separating their user bases between MSP users and “real” money users wouldn’t be beneficial to all involved if a more unified system was to be in place between the new operating system, Xbox Live and Zune Marketplace.

Despite the absence of an official announcement, Xbox Live users seem to be welcoming (read: rejoicing over) this possible change. What say you? Have your say below or in our forum.

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