‘The Unfinished Swan’ descends PSN October 23 with early access for PS Plus


The Unfinished Swan looks to be an super interesting title on PSN. From game concept alone, you’re a young boy chasing a swan into a kingdom. You soon realize that the world is unfinished and completely white, so it’s up to you to paint the world black and figure out where to go. It was a sleeper hit at E3 this year and we can finally get our hands on it this October.

If you’re a regular PSN member, you’ll be able to play it on October 23 but for your PS Plus members, you can play it on October 16, a whole week early. Not a bad deal right? You can learn more about The Unfinished Swan with their first set of developer diaries just below. They detail how they started the game and how it got over to PSN.

Feel like painting an entire world? Let us know in the comments or post about it in our forums.

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