Rumor: That other XCOM game might be a third person shooter

 Rumor: That other XCOM game might be a third person shooter

It seems like forever ago that a game called XCOM was announced. No, it’s not the promising-looking Firaxis strategy game (the demo for which is on Steam). I’m talking about the other one, the first person shooter from 2K that was first unveiled a few years ago before slipping away into the dark.

Very little information has been revealed in the game’s absence, though the game is not dead as some suspected. Kotaku reports that a reader has seen footage of the game as part of a marketing survey, and that the game is now a third-person squad-based shooter along the lines of SOCOM.

Here’s where it gets interesting: it appears that the game’s development has nonetheless been as troubled as suspected, as this survey allegedly asks if consumers would be more likely to purchase the game as a $30 downloadable for consoles. Naturally, 2K later responded to Kotaku saying that it is not 2K’s policy to comment on these things and that no information has been released.

I’ll be honest, I’m significantly more excited for a turn-based strategy game from the developers of Civilization V than I am for a floundering third person shooter from the developers of Bioshock 2. Still, the fun aesthetic of the game remains. Which, if any, will you be picking up? Tell us in the comments, or visit our forums!

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