Take a look at Dunwall in a new webseries from ‘Dishonored’

 Take a look at Dunwall in a new webseries from ‘Dishonored’

After the many developer diaries for Dishonored, we’re only 2 weeks shy from its release. So what’s another way to ramp up the release? Why, do a webseries of course!

The first episode, entitled ‘The Awakening’, shows us the world of Dunwall and gives us a shadowy insight on this dystopia. Narrated by Kick-Ass‘s Chloe Moretz, it looks pretty cool and has some wonderful animation on how a new energy source revitalized Dunwall.

The second episode, entitled ‘The Hand that Feeds’ (Not the Nine Inch Nails song), displays the supernatural abilities you’ll get in the game. Why it’s good and why it isn’t although really, why isn’t it? It’s supernatural abilities!

The last episode will be coming out soon and we’ll let you know how it all ends. Dishonored is out on October 9 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. What do you think of games getting webseries? Cool or uncool? Let us know in the comments or post more Nine Inch Nails songs in our forums.

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