‘Mass Effect’ Trilogy coming November 6

 ‘Mass Effect’ Trilogy coming November 6

Haven’t started Mass Effect? Want to meet Wrex from the beginning or learn about Shepard’s favourite place on the Citadel? If you’ve waited, you can finally have all three games in the series on November 6. It anthologizes all the games in one box set for your credit-hungry hands.

It’ll be for Xbox 360 and PC but it’ll be coming to PS3 at a later date. Interesting enough, this marks the first time you’ll be able to get your hands on the first Mass Effect on PS3. Not sure how EA got around the Microsoft publishing for the first title but we’ll learn more about that soon enough when it’s released.

Also on the docket, November 7 will be N7 Day with lots of goodies being planned for you fans. There’ll be in-game, live and online events transpiring which’ll be rad for all you Shepard’s out there.

Think you’ll pick this up? Let us know in the comments or post that video of Wrex and Shepard on our forums.

Source: Business Wire

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