New ‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ trailer

 New ‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ trailer

Ubisoft has released the newest trailer for their action-stealth game Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Check it out below as you wait for the game’s release next year on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Splinter Cell: Conviction was an extremely badass game (one of my favorites of the year), and Blacklist looks like it will only continue that trend as Sam Fisher gets granted the “Fifth Freedom” by the female President (progressive!), which allows him to basically do whatever he wants to save America from the Blacklist terrorist organization. The trailer also points out the “Upper Echelon” pre-order bonus, which features a map and some aesthetic stuff for Sam.

I’ll be picking this up without a moment’s hesitation. What about you? Do you enjoy the franchise’s new direction as much as I do or do you yearn for the days of Chaos Theory? Tell us in the comments or discuss your favorite Sam Fisher moments in our forums!


[youtube id=”77nYiyLItUE” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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