‘Mega Man’ fans should ‘keep their expectations’ in check on 25th Anniversary

 ‘Mega Man’ fans should ‘keep their expectations’ in check on 25th Anniversary

Mega Man‘s 25th anniversary is this year and Capcom has done…little to not much. The best we’ve heard is a new mobile game called Mega Man Xover which is a weird social RPG hybrid. So on Capcom’s forums, Corporate Officer Christian Svensson addressed the situation to fans stating:

“In December ‘some but not all’ plans for the coming year of celebrations will be shared. There are many moving parts and not everything will be done and final come December. No one has promised a game or even an announcement of one at that time. Please do keep expectations in check.”

At least they’re addressing the concerns fans have and we should hope that something cool arises like energy drinks. Svensson also addressed why they’re being quiet in terms of the previous Mega Man games (Universe and Legends 3) were both cancelled and didn’t want to make the same mistakes with his big anniversary coming up.

Hopefully by December, we’ll hear more and it’ll be an amazing package where you get your own Mega Buster. Or a plush Eddie would work too. What do you think? Is Capcom focusing more on other things than Mega Man or should they act like Sonic and make it feel like overkill? Make yourself known in the comments below or post pictures of Shadow Man having drinks with Cut Man in the forums.

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