EU Nintendo Direct wrap up (UPDATE: Aussie details)

 EU Nintendo Direct wrap up (UPDATE: Aussie details)

Stop the presses. Hold your horses. Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife. The European Nintendo Direct live stream has just finished, and with it came a torrent of information regarding the Wii U’s launch. Which, by the way, will be November 30th. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here… Let’s break it down:

  • Wii U will be available in two SKUs: Basic (8GB) and Premium (32GB). Though the prices weren’t officially revealed during the broadcast, NoE President Satoru Shibata suggested consumers consult their favourite retailers soon to find prices as they may vary. Not a confident thing to say, but online prices should start emerging very shortly.
  • The Basic model will be the white console and GamePad, coming with just the necessary components (HDMI cable, power adapter, etc).
  • The Premium model on the other hand is black and will include hardware stands for the controllers and console, an HDMI cable, a Wii sensor bar, a subscription to Nintendo Network Premium (which offers discounts on the eShop and rewards consumers with points which can redeemed for other content). This SKU will be more expensive.
  • Wii Remote Plus Addition set was announced, and will consist of a Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuck and sensor bar.
  • WiiWare and Virtual Console games purchased on the Wii will be transferable to the Wii U.
  • In terms of hardware, the Wii U will utilise 2GBS RAM which will be split to 1GB dedicated to running games and 1GB to running the operating system. Also, 25GB disc storage.
  • NintendoLand will be bundled with all Premium model Wii U systems from launch, and features mini-games such as Metroid Blast, Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion among others.
  • Zombi U will be getting its own exclusive bundle with the Wii U Premium option at launch.
  • Capcom revealed Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate along with Bayonetta 2, exclusive to Wii U.

Below is a list of games coming out either at launch or during the Wii U’s launch window:

Of course, we’ll keep you updated of any developments regarding the Wii U’s impending launch. Let us know what you thought of the broadcast below, or join the discussion in our forums.

UPDATE: Australian Nintendo news site, Vooks, has published an article confirming release details for the Wii U. It will also launch down under on November 30th at $349.95 for the Basic model, and $429.95 for the Premium. Yay!

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