‘Terraria’ coming to consoles with additional content

 ‘Terraria’ coming to consoles with additional content

Minecraft had a wildly successful debut on home consoles earlier this year, and now, its 2D “competitor” Terraria is also making its way to PSN and XBLA.

Players have been crafting weapons, digging out tunnels and adventuring through the colorful world of Terraria for over a year now, but its time on the marketplace hasn’t stopped this highly customizable adventure from growing within the Steam service. There’s a true cult following behind this indie title, and according to both a tweet and post on the game’s Facebook page, all that fun is “coming soon to consoles.”

The layout of the controls, how it will be priced and the release window are still unknown, but the “BRAND NEW CONENT!” part sounds pretty damn exciting. How can you not get pumped up when you see both all caps and an exclamation point?

For now, let’s talk about what you think will be added. Is there a feature that you think will make this more of a “console-friendly” game? Sound off in the comments below!

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