PAX Prime: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is Basically Bayonetta 2

 PAX Prime: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is Basically Bayonetta 2

Remember how some people were bummed about the cancellation of a possible Bayonetta 2? Well, whatever came out of what they had, it’s pretty much (if not entirely) in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. As I started playing it at PAX Prime this year, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that it’s basically Bayonetta.

And that’s a great thing. It was smart of Kojima Productions to go to Platinum Games to finish and rework the original Metal Gear Rising. The demo was pretty much a tutorial with new character Boris, showing you how to use your move set and how to kick ass as a cyborg ninja.

You have an ability called Blade Mode where you slow down time and can cut things in a myriad of slashes. It makes them precise with your cuts so you can cut someone in half, a straight line or zig zag slashes. After slashing some dummy soldiers, it was time to rip up some enemies.

Raiden has a light and heavy attack, but while in combos you’ll be able to press a context sensitive button. You grab cybernetic guts and pulverize them with your fists. It gives you more points and just looks plain cool.

You eventually will have to fight some of the GECKOs from MGS4. Luckily, cutting their legs off makes them pretty harmless. If they try to grab onto you, a context-sensitive event plays where you drag it around as it’s grappled to you. It really does show you who’s boss against them (yes, it’s Raiden).

After some running and slashing, an event played out where I was being chased by a helicopter. The bridge was falling underneath me but that wouldn’t stop a cybernetic ninja. Like, really, did they think they’d be fine?

Unfortunately, they’re not, because Raiden found a rocket launcher.

The shooting isn’t really a huge staple in the gameplay but after blasting it a couple of times, a quick-time event part appears where you hop and jump on missiles, soon achieving Blade mode and cutting the ever-loving crap out of it. It… Well, it rules, quite frankly.

We get a small tease at the end when Raiden is up against Metal Gear Ray and the demo ends. All in all, a fantastic action game coming from Platinum that’ll make anybody who loves Bayonetta a fan. Because it’s basically just that.

Are you looking forward to this upcoming effort by Platinum Games? Have your say below or continue the conversation in our forums.

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