Madden NFL 13 Breaks Records, Passes 1.6 Million Sold

 Madden NFL 13 Breaks Records, Passes 1.6 Million Sold

It seems like all the Madden NFL series needed was a healthy dose of physics to recapture the world’s attention, as the recently released Madden 13 broke first-day sales records and moved 1.65 units in week one. On our current generation of consoles, that’s the highest first-week number Madden has seen.

“We’re thrilled to see the great momentum continuing on Madden NFL 13,” said EA Sports Executive Vice President Andrew Wilson. “The overwhelming feedback is that this is the best Madden NFL game in a generation. Fans are competing in record numbers, and we expect that type of engagement to only grow with the start of the NFL regular season last night, as fans connect with their favorite teams and players through our game.”

Speaking of record numbers, the title has seen a 31% increase in online games compared to last year. In total, more than 24 million head-to-head games have taken place which, if you’ve been counting, equals “47,000 NFL regular seasons in just seven days.” That’s a lot of sitting on the couch and eating Midnight Taco Doritos.

Now, how many of those people do you think actually used their Kinect to “enhance” the experience? That, my friends, is a question for another day.

Either way, football’s back in a big way. Did you pick up the latest Madden game? Do you think it’s the best football game we’ve seen this generation? Sound off below, or in our forums!

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