Rumour: Microsoft’s Next Console’s Reveal May Be Delayed

 Rumour: Microsoft’s Next Console’s Reveal May Be Delayed

Despite the fact that Microsoft remains tightlipped over their plans for their next generation home console, that doesn’t stop the ol’ Rumour Mill from doing what it does best. This time, reports are suggesting that the production of the next Xbox’s CPU (supposedly codenamed “Oban”) is seeing some manufacturing woes that could lead to a delay in the console’s official reveal, according to SemiAccurate.

Rumours have been suggesting lately that Microsoft’s new platform will be home to AMD architecture, despite that the current Xbox 360 is IBM-compliant. The SemiAccurate article goes into (much) more specific detail regarding the issue, suggesting that things don’t look quite as grim as most people are likely to assume. Despite this possible set-back, Microsoft has accounted for a probable delay and will be working to have their console ready as soon as they can. The article makes mention that MS had originally planned for a September 2013 launch, which seems a little farfetched considering that would mean the console would have to be unveiled relatively early next year to generate enough buzz and support for a successful launch.

Again, bear in mind that Microsoft hasn’t even acknowledged whether or not they are working on a new console (though it would be a pretty damn safe bet to assume they are). For now, take this rumour with a grain of salt.

What do you think? Could Microsoft surely be aiming for a September 2013 launch for their next generation system? Shout out below or continue the discussion in our forum.

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