“Stolen” Copies of Resident Evil 6 Sold in Poland

 “Stolen” Copies of Resident Evil 6 Sold in Poland

If you happen to live in the Polish city of Poznan, you may have had an opportunity to buy Resident Evil 6 a month before release. But, in a not too surprising turn of events, Capcom is now claiming these to be stolen copies.

Capcom is looking into how this happened, but the only information they’re currently releasing is that, “”this unfortunate incident is limited to a small quantity of stolen copies of the German USK PlayStation 3 version of the game.” Possible ramifications haven’t stopped some enterprising gentlemen, as copies have already started appearing on eBay for a little over 2,000 PLN, or just over 600 US dollars. Anyone willing to play a copy attained this early before release is taking a risk, however, as many developers don’t look too fondly at those who break street dates.

If you were given the opportunity, would you play Resident Evil 6 this early before launch? Let us know below, or shamble over to the Stick Skills forums.

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