The Latest Super Time Force Trailer is Absurdly Awesome


Okay, imagine if the folks who made the Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP made a Saturday morning cartoon. Then pretend they made that cartoon into a game. This is essentially what Capybara Games has done with it’s latest work, Super Time Force. At it’s core, the game is a 2D Contra-style shooter, but the latest trailer shows off it’s style.

It has children jumping into mounds of burning tires, skateboarding dinosaurs, and even a quick stylistic nod to the work of John Kricfalusi. If Capybara can blend this same humor into the game, it’ll be one hell of an experience when it hits XBLA next year. So are you excited to play Super Time Force? Or do you just not like awesome things? Let us know below or over in the Stick Skills forums.

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