First Gameplay Footage of Lococycle is Pure, Indescribable Madness


Twisted Pixel is one crazy developer. While most studios stick to a specific genre, this Microsoft-supported team has dabbled in the worlds of platforming, on-rails shooting and much more. That’s plain crazy, and the first footage of the group’s next game, Lococycle, looks to be taking the insanity a couple steps further.

The Maw was the first game to come from Twisted Pixel and thanks to some series attention from the fine folks at PAX, it became a modest hit. It’s only fitting, then, that this high-speed, combat-centric racer would makes its true debut at this year’s Boston show. There seems to be plenty of vehicular¬†mayhem¬†taking place in the below video, and while I’d love to describe it a bit further, it may be more wise to just watch the damn thing yourself.

[youtube id=”0f-wN92GkE8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

So, pretty much just a Call of Duty clone, right?

I know you’re probably pretty winded after that clip, but what are your thoughts on Lococycle? Will this be a game you’ll download on day one? Express yourself in the comments below.

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