Stunning New Dead Space 3 Screenshots Surface

 Stunning New Dead Space 3 Screenshots Surface

The fans of the Dead Space franchise may still be split on some of the design decisions of Dead Space 3, but one thing that really can’t be argued is that this game looks absolutely fantastic. Want to try to disagree with me? Well, I have a feeling these new screenshots will convince you.

Cooperative gameplay sucking the horror right out of Visceral’s famed series is the fear most invested gamers came away with after E3, but this is still a Dead Space game. Necromorphs will once again force you to check your trousers after each encounter, the level of gore remains at an uncomfortable high and the entire campaign can still be played by yourself. It seems like the developer has things under control, so just take a breather and enjoy the visual splendor below.

Pretty amazing looking game, right? Do these images make you any more excited for this February 2013 title? Let us know in the comments below!

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