NBA 2K13’s Features Leaked Early Via Achievements

 NBA 2K13’s Features Leaked Early Via Achievements

While 2K Sports has announced a few gameplay changes and other small portions of NBA 2K13, fans have been wanting to know what features and modes will be included in this year’s version.  While those questions will be answered in more detail over the next few weeks, the official achievements for NBA 2K13 have leaked out.

The achievements for the game have revealed a few new modes, as well as the renaming of the popular My Player mode.  My Player mode appears to have been renamed to MyCAREER.  Players will be able to earn fans, create their own shoe, earn a “special ability”, and even purchase a pre-game ritual to use.

Fans of the team-up mode online will be happy to hear that it’s receiving attention as well.  A mode called MyTEAM is being introduced for NBA 2K13.  “Boosters” will be able to be purchased that will allow both you and your team to receive what we’re assuming to be temporary bonuses in your games.  No mention of any specific bonuses were referenced, but we’re assuming 2K Sports will be using these to increase more cooperation within the mode.

There are additional references in the achievements to playing with a historic team online, which we’re assuming is the ’92 Dream Team.  The achievements seem to go along with what we’re used to in previous NBA 2K titles, but we’re anxious to hear more about the new and revamped modes in the game.

What do you hope to see out of the new modes in NBA 2K13?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NBA 2K13 in our forums.

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