Microsoft Announces Permanent Price Drop for Kinect

 Microsoft Announces Permanent Price Drop for Kinect

Even if you’re not a fan of motion gaming, you can’t deny that companies are finding ways to implement the Kinect experience into their titles.  Even popular sports games like Madden, FIFA, and Tiger Woods have found ways to integrate it without losing the immersion.

As Microsoft is working to get Kinect into more households each year, they’ve struggled for a section of gamers to pay $150 for the unit.  That changes today, as Microsoft has announced that Kinect will receive a permanent price drop to $110.

It’s a slightly odd number to sell the unit, but the $40 price drop should help move more units this holiday season.  With the new dashboard update having Internet Explorer and more apps that use the voice command, it’s becoming harder to not own Kinect.

What do you think about the new price drop for Kinect?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Kinect in our forums.

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