Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skips PlayStation Store Update in Europe


Valve’s tactical shooter has finally released on both PC and consoles, and thanks to its established fanbase, millions of gamers are jumping online to show the world just how much they still know about Counter-Strike.¬†Unfortunately, PlayStation 3 owners in Europe are going to feel a bit out of the loop, as Global Agenda wasn’t on their weekly PlayStation Store update.

Apparently, there was no confirmation to begin with that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would release in Europe this week, but with it launching on a multitude of other platforms all around the world, it seems strange to leave European PS3 owners out of the loop. It’s likely we’ll see the game make an appearance next week, and while waiting is never fun, it may be the only thing some Counter-Strike fans in Europe can do.

We’ll be posting our review of the game later this week, but if you do have access to it, what do you think of Global Offensive? Is it all nostalgia, or does the game stand on its own? Let’s hear what you have to say below.

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