New GTA V Screenshots Show a Jet & Incredible Graphics

A few weeks ago, Rockstar released a few new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots that sent the internet into shock.  While Rockstar stated that there would not be any GTA V footage coming soon, they didn’t mention new screenshots wouldn’t be on the way.

Rockstar has released three new screenshots today showcasing a car called “Cheetah”, a jet, and a bicycle.  Rockstar titled their blog post “transport”, which means you can color us excited to get behind a jet in Grand Theft Auto V.

Continue viewing below for the latest screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V.

The screenshots for the game are incredibly gorgeous, and definitely further rumors that the game may release on next-gen consoles.  There is a possibility that Rockstar is capturing the screenshots from a high-end PC, but you have to be excited about the extreme attention to detail the game is receiving.

What do you think about the latest screenshots for GTA V?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Grand Theft Auto V in our forums.

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