Rumor: Fallout 4 to Take Place in Boston

 Rumor: Fallout 4 to Take Place in Boston

With the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim last year, it’s fully expected that Bethesda’s next release will be Fallout 4.  Talk is starting to increase about where the game exactly will take place.  How does Boston sound to you?

The rumor comes from a Reddit post that has received quite a bit of attention this morning.  A post by a user named “fallout4boston” is causing the controversy as the user claims they know exactly where Fallout 4 will be taking place.  As you can tell by their username and the title of this article, that place is said to be Boston, Massachusetts.

Doing a little research for a Massachusetts connection to the Fallout series you’ll note that there is in fact a mention of it in a wiki.  We’ve included a snippet of the entry below.

The Commonwealth is what is left of the pre-War American state ofMassachusetts in New England.[1] While traditionally called a commonwealth in itself, before the Great War, Massachusetts was also part of the New England Commonwealth of the United States in the alternate history of the Fallout universe. Most of it is a war-ravaged quagmire of violence and despair like much of the rest of the former United States, but it is also where the mysterious Institute is located.

We’re pretty skeptical of the user’s claims, but the next Fallout taking place in Boston does make sense.  References in the Broken Steel DLC were made to The Commonwealth when Dr. Li leaves the Capital Wasteland after the activation of “Project Purity”.  Along with the references in Broken Steel, references were also made in the Fallout 3 DLC to The Commonwealth in Point Lookout and The Pitt.

Has Bethesda left a paper trail for gamers to follow to see what Boston is where Fallout 4 will take place?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Fallout 4 in our forums.

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