Crytek Looking to Bring Warface to Consoles

 Crytek Looking to Bring Warface to Consoles

A few years ago, free-to-play was something that most in the industry weren’t overly concerned about.  The past two years have proven how strong the F2P model can be, and Crytek has even committed to a free-to-play only future.

After a great deal of recent success with their title Warface, Crytek has told Eurogamer that they’re hoping to bring the game to consoles in the near future.  Which consoles? They’ve stated that they have spoken with Microsoft and Sony, but no mention or current or future generation was hinted.

“We have been talking to console manufacturers, to Sony and Microsoft in particular, about free-to-play games. A couple of years ago they weren’t interested in free-to-play games, and they didn’t have the right structure there – which is fine because they were busy. But there was no home for Warface on console.”

“Now the interest in Warface is quite high, and it could be an option. We haven’t made final decisions, but for me if the current gen or any other console embraces free-to-play and can run Warface, then I’m happy for it to be there.”

What do you think about the possibility of free-to-play titles making their way to consoles in the future?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Warface in our forums.


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