Vergil Adds Sibling Rivalry to DmC

Gamescom is in full swing, and one of the more interesting titles being shown is undoubtedly Ninja Theory’s reboot of Devil May Cry. Plenty of gameplay has been displayed, but the news that Dante’s brother, Vergil, will have a significant role in the final game is a piece of hot news few of us expected.

You may remember Dante’s disgruntled brother back in the PS2 title Dante’s Awakening. You may also remember that the two didn’t get along very well, but things may be different this time around. What part he’ll actually play gets mostly answered in the below video, but the possibility of Vergil being playable is still up in the air.

[youtube id=”xCL3bt25uis” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Are you excited for Ninja Theory’s DmC? Is Vergil a character you were hoping to see? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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