Puppeteer for PS3 Looks Like a Charming Nightmare of a Platformer

 Puppeteer for PS3 Looks Like a Charming Nightmare of a Platformer

Sony did its fair share of announcing a bunch of new original titles at its Gamescom press conference with one of them being the bell of the ball or setting the stage or something involving a stage and puppets. It’s called Puppeteer and you play as a small boy named Kutaro who’s kidnapped and turned into a puppet, that’s rough. The Moon Bear King then devours his head and it’s up to you to reclaim your wooden head in this 2D style platformer.

The art style looks tremendous and the entire world you platform in moves around you. You have no idea where the next scene will be in, so it’s constantly changing over time and you’ll never know. There’s also people in the audience since it’s set up like a stage play who’ll laugh or go “ohhhhh” which is fun. If you’ve ever played Clockwork Knight or Dynamite Headdy, it looks very similar to those classic platformers. No details on an date or if it’ll be a console or PSN release yet but we’ll let you know as more details come on stage (see what I did there?)

What do you think about this? Do you enjoy the notion of a reverse Pinocchio? Does a burger for a head look pretty delicious to you? Sound off in the comments or hit us up in the forums.

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