Fable 4 Looking to Minecraft for Inspiration on Co-op

 Fable 4 Looking to Minecraft for Inspiration on Co-op

Lionhead Studios has held quite a following with the Fable franchise, even though the third title in the series didn’t perform as they would have expected.  While the series has been enjoyable, quite a few issues have stemmed from over-promising and under-delivering on certain features.

We haven’t heard much from Lionhead recently on a true Fable title, but there appears to be some news for you today.  In a recent tweet, Ted Timmins of Lionhead Studios tweeted, “Having to play #Minecraft at@LionheadStudios for ‘work-related’ reasons… 😉 #Cryptic #Interesting“.

While this could be in relation to possible Fable-themed skins in Minecraft, a recent rumor in OXM points to a different option.  The message, which we’ve included below, leads us to believe that the studio is working on having drop-in/drop-out cooperative play along the same lines as the hit Minecraft.

“The next full Fable game, currently under development at Lionhead, will enable online players to enter your world and assist in the campaign.”

With so many letdowns in the Fable series, we’d love to see something along these lines actually come true.  The series has provided a great universe, but it’s a shame it’s been done alone or poorly in the “cooperative play” that was introduced in the third title.

What do you think about Lionhead looking to Minecraft for inspiration in their next Fable title?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss the Fable series in our forums.

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