New Version of Final Fantasy VII Coming to PC

 New Version of Final Fantasy VII Coming to PC

There have been rumors of a Final Fantasy VII remake for years, and it looks like SquareEnix is finally trying to do something with the classic RPG. From the information we have so far, the PC only release won’t completely overhaul the game, but it will add a few modern amenities.

The additions will include a series of achievements, totaling 36, as well as cloud saves, and something called the Character Booster. The game’s official site describes it as a way to set your HP, MP, and Gil to the max, allowing you to breeze through any difficult parts for the sake of story. This seems like a neat way to let veterans of the series experience the game at their leisure, lets just hope there are no microtransactions involved. To confirm this announcement, SquareEnix released a new trailer, which can be found below. As for where you’ll be able to buy the Final Fantasy VII remake, the folks over at ShackNews are saying it’ll only be available on SquareSoft’s official store.

Are you excited for an FF VII with some new bells and whistles? Or do you think the game is better left in the past? Let us know in the comments below, or over in our forums.

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