Seth Killian Joins Sony Santa Monica

 Seth Killian Joins Sony Santa Monica

Last month, Capcom lost an incredible employee and person in Seth Killian.  Speculation rised where Seth would end up next, but no clear hints had  been given to make an educated guess.

Today, thanks to an announcement via the Playstation Blog, we now know that Seth Killian has joined Sony Santa Monica.  His role? Seth Killian joins the team as the lead games designer for an external group.

If you’re a fighting fan, then you can’t help but be excited over the fact that Seth will be working with Playstation All-Stars, as well as the other titles in the studio.  Seth states that he’s not the only EVO finalist to join the team, but he’s one of the most respected individuals in the fighting industry.

What do you think about Seth Killian joining the team at Sony Santa Monica?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Playstation All-Stars in our forums.

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