NBA 2K13 Cover Athletes Officially Unveiled

 NBA 2K13 Cover Athletes Officially Unveiled

Last week, we brought you the leaked teaser image for the NBA 2K13 cover.  While fans were “working” to uncover it, 2K Sports had accidentally leaked it out to the public previous to the reveal.

Now that fans have been unable to uncover the NBA 2K13 cover clues how 2K Sports intended, they have revealed the official cover athletes.  As we had mentioned last week, the official cover athletes for NBA 2K13 will be Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Blake Griffin.

Rather than go with three separate covers like 2K Sports used for NBA 2k12, they’ll be using all three cover athletes on the same cover for NBA 2K13.  We’ve included the official box art for NBA 2K13 for you below.

What do you think about the official cover for NBA 2k13? Don’t forget to secure your pre-order for NBA 2k13 today!  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss NBA 2K13 in our forums.

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