Leaked Document Reveals 2013 Release Date for Xbox 720, Improved Kinect

 Leaked Document Reveals 2013 Release Date for Xbox 720, Improved Kinect

There was barely a peep from either Sony or Microsoft at this year’s E3 about the looming next cycle of hardware. Projects like Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313 made the prospect of a new, more powerful generation seem even more real, but a recently discovered 56-page document detailing plans for the “Xbox 720” reveals just a bit more than Microsoft probably feels comfortable sharing.

So, what does the new box do? Well, a 6x performance increase is being promised for the new, improved Xbox. The console itself will support Blu-ray and “true 1080p,” as well as full 3D. The August 2010 report also states that the 720 is designed to be scalable in the number of CPU cores and their frequencies. With the ability to record TV content, access all content via the cloud and integration with all other Microsoft devices, the $299 console will be marketed as the only box needed in the living room – though backwards compatibility is seemingly still being discussed.


New Kinect hardware is also detailed, which promises to improve the accuracy and fidelity of all the current features for the motion device. That means greater detection of player movement and voice, as well recognizable props. While Microsoft has been adamant that no object other than your body is needed for the camera, some images point to the use of household items to enhance the experience, such as a baseball bat or golf club.

“Fortaleza” Kinect Glasses also fit into this category, and appear to be augmented-reality glasses designed for possible use away from the console itself. There’s little to be gathered from the document about the glasses, but what’s clear is that the technology won’t be ready for launch. A planned release sits somewhere in 2014.

A promised $299 launch price, according to the document, will lead the Xbox 720 to a 10 year lifecycle and over 100 million sales.

Are you excited for the next generation? Does most of the information in this document fit what we’ve been hearing? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss the Xbox 720 in our forums.

Via: Polygon

Source: Xbox 720 Plans

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