Lollipop Chainsaw Launches Today at a Discount

 Lollipop Chainsaw Launches Today at a Discount

Today, the hack and slash title starring a cheerleader known otherwise as Lollipop Chainsaw is officially available.  Whether you’re on the fence of buying the game or were planning on getting it regardless, we have a special deal for you today.

A few weeks back we had posted a pre-order deal for Lollipop Chainsaw that made the game available at only $44.99.  That same $15 discount has now been applied to the game even today, allowing you to buy it on release day at the same price.

  • A New Kind of Killer Heroine – Juliet Starling is an 18-year-old student with a dark secret – zombie-hunting with a killer chainsaw in hand. Juliet must balance the drama of high school while carrying out her zombie-hunting lineage.
  • Gameplay Design – Celebrated game developer SUDA 51 brings his unique creative style and vision to the gameplay design, taking players through a wild ride of zombies, chainsaws, and rainbows.
  • Edgy Storyline – Through an adapted script by James Gunn, Juliet must uncover the root of a colossal zombie outbreak at her school, San Romero High, but soon realizes the horde is only the opening act to a festival of zombie rock lords determined to take her down.
  • Combat/Weapons – Players will hone their cheerleading acrobatics and chainsaw skills to string together devastating combo moves, taking out hordes of the undead.
  • Zombie Rock Lords – San Romero High’s zombie jocks and undead faculty are the least of Juliet’s concerns when she soon realizes that she faces a bigger challenge, zombie rock lords that add a new beat’ to SUDA 51’s over-the-top boss battles.
  • Head Bangin’ Music – With original music created by popular video game composer Akira Yamaoka (best known for the Silent Hill series) and other notable artists, Lollipop Chainsaw features a soundtrack that’s to die for. In addition to original music, Juliet’s playlist will also include familiar songs from various musical genre

What do you think about the discount being applied to the game? Don’t forget to order your copy of Lollipop Chainsaw today at the discounted price!  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Lollipop Chainsaw in our forums.

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