NCAA Football 13 Demo Hitting Consoles This Week


Per our friends at The Gaming Tailgate, you will be able to download the demo for NCAA Football 13 at some point this week. While a specific date and time is currently unknown (UPDATE: It’s live on Xbox 360!), we do know what you will be in store for upon downloading it:

The demo features three games, all of which will be played using four quarters of three minutes each complete with Studio Updates from Rece Davis. On the list of playable games are USC vs. Oregon, LSU vs. Alabama and Kansas State vs. Baylor.

If that isn’t enough to keep you busy, EA is also including a single Heisman Challenge game featuring none other than co-cover athlete and former Baylor Bears QB Robert Griffin III, which will be played on five minute quarters but the defense will be played using SuperSim.

Don’t forget to share the demo with a friend, as doing so will unlock five Pro Combat uniforms for use in the retail version when it releases on July 10th: Ohio Shate, LSU, Boise State, Stanford and Navy.

Are you going to download the demo for NCAA Football 13? Leave a comment below or let us know in our forums!


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