Release Date & Cover System Confirmed for Dead Space 3

 Release Date & Cover System Confirmed for Dead Space 3

If you’ve ever played the Dead Space series with the lights turned off, you’ve more than likely shrieked quite a bit.  Even when you know that it’s coming, you still find yourself jumping or firing off random shots of ammo.

Sadly, it appears that the scary portion of the Dead Space series may be flying out the door.  A NeoGAF poster has confirmed that Dead Space 3 will feature a cover system as well as cooperative play.  While the cooperative play can still hold the horror element, a cover system essentially removes a good bit of the “fear”.

As we had confirmed previously, Dead Space 3 will also mark the first time that Isaac fights against other humans that are, well, still alive.   The Game Informer article that was quoted in the post stated that “unitologists” pose a threat to Isaac.

The multiplayer aspect that was found in Dead Space 2 has been scrapped and will not be available in Dead Space 3.  The cooperative experience takes its place allowing you to play as Isaac Clarke or Carver.  Ammo drops are now more plentiful and there’s a universal ammo that’s now available for all guns.

You’re also able to put two different guns together such as the Plasma Cutter & Ripper combo.  Enemies will also drop scrap metal or “tungsten”, but the article didn’t detail into how this factors into the feature.  “Unique beta missions” are able to be completed, but they aren’t required to complete the main story arc.  Dead Space 3 is said to be much more “open” and less linear than previous entries into the series.

For the release date, the article states that Dead Space 3 is set to launch in February 2013.  We’re expecting to see a debut trailer released at E3 that showcases both the release date as well as the planet the game will take place on: Tau Volantis.  That’s right, it’s time for an icy planet.

What do you think about the first details for Dead Space 3?  Are you for or against the cover system being implemented?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Dead Space 3 in our forums.

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