The Next Gears of War Revealed by GameInformer

 The Next Gears of War Revealed by GameInformer

Today as part of their cover reveal, GameInformer released this image of an unknown character in the Gears of War franchise who is being held in handcuffs and escorted by two guards. Not many details are available now, but from what is being gathered is that the game will be on the Xbox 360, using the Unreal Engine 3, and most likely available holiday of 2013. More information about the game will be unveiled at the Microsoft press conference that kicks off E3 week starting Monday morning. The press conference starts at 9:30 am PST and will be available on the Spike network on TV, Xbox.com/E3, and also available on the Xbox 360 console via the Live Event Player.

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UPDATE: While the announcement of a new game is coming, Rod Fergusson, Director of Production at Epic Games stated the following plans for future downloadable content releases for Gears of War 3 via Twitter.

“BTW with the announce of the new Gears game, I can confirm that there’s no more DLC for Gears 3.”

So what do you think of this announcement today and what speculations do you think of the character players will be taking control of in the next game? Let us know in the comments below or start a thread in the Gears of War forum.

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