Forza Horizon Cover & Screenshot Emerge

Earlier in the year, the very first details emerged about Forza Horizon.  Since those details slipped out, very little has actually been revealed on the title and we’ve yet to even see a screenshot.

Today, the very first screenshot and cover art for Forza Horizon have hit the internet.  The image doesn’t tell us very much other than the fact that the game will continue down the gorgeous graphics path Forza is famous for now.

The title is due out this Fall, but we’re expecting Microsoft to have a rather large media blowout during E3 for the upcoming racer.  Details are slim, but we’re anxious to hear what Forza Horizon has in store for racing fans.

What do you hope to see out of Forza Horizon?  Are you a fan of the official cover art for the game?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Forza Horizon in our forums.

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