Rumor: Microsoft to Call Next System the Xbox 8

 Rumor: Microsoft to Call Next System the Xbox 8

At some point in the near future, gamers are expecting to hear Microsoft announce their next system.  Speculation has varied in terms of specs, but most of the names for the upcoming system have stayed in the same ballpark.  That is, until today, that rumors emerge of the “Xbox 8” name.

Microsoft is working on launching Windows 8 later this year, and the latest rumors circling are stating that Microsoft is heavily integrating the OS into their next system.  To help add fuel to rumors of a new system dropping sooner than expected, Epic’s Mark Rein mentioned a few interesting details.

At the recent DICE event in Las Vegas, Rein stated that the Unreal Engine 4 is already running on, “systems we can’t name yet”.  The Unreal Engine 4 isn’t set to be unveiled until later this year which makes it interesting that Rein would already mention something of this nature.

Microsoft has stated that there will not be an announcement at E3 2012 for a new console, but we’re not sold quite yet.  If a company was ready to drop a bombshell on the industry, why would they confirm that announcement before the show?  Microsoft likes to surprise the industry, so we don’t believe them just yet on not showing a system.

What do you think about the name “Xbox 8”?  What games would you hope to see as launch titles for the next system from Microsoft?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss the next Xbox in our forums.

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