Modern Warfare 3 Kid Argues With Himself

 Modern Warfare 3 Kid Argues With Himself

Oh Call of Duty community, why must you be so terrible? For anyone who has played the Call of Duty series, especially in recent years, it’s pretty difficult to actually play with your mic on.

Regardless of age, the amount of people that want to “1v1” or resort to extremely vulgar language just about exceeds any other online title on consoles.  Today’s example showcases a kid arguing with himself after another Call of Duty player plays his voice back.

The video is definitely NSFW, but it’s both hilarious and sickening.  Hilarious because anyone who has spent a decent amount of time in the series has definitely experienced something along these lines.  It’s also sickening because this has become the face of the once beloved Call of Duty community.

Continue below for the video of the Modern Warfare 3 kid arguing with himself.

What’s your opinion on the Call of Duty community?  Have you ever encountered someone like this while playing Modern Warfare 3?  Be sure to let us know about your experiences by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Modern Warfare 3 in our forums.

[Thanks, David D!] 

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