Gears 3 Player’s House Burns Down; Community Rallies

 Gears 3 Player’s House Burns Down; Community Rallies

Gamers can be, well, a little ridiculous at times.  While we may get more bad press than positive press, it’s always great to see the community rally for a good cause.

The story we’re bringing you today is in regards to a Gears of War 3 player, and how the community is rallying for her support.  Katy Boyd, who goes by “bunnyxablaze” in the Gears world, had the unfortunate event of a house fire.  Earlier this morning, Katy’s house burned to the ground.  While she was able to save her animals, the household items were not able to be saved.

Gears of War website GCON has posted a story, which we’ve included a snippet below, about their fundraising effort for Katy.

A majority of us here at GCON have played with Katy at some point, and would love to play again. Sadly though, the morning of April 10th, her house burnt to the ground. She was able to rescue her dogs, but nothing else. Her household items, clothing, gaming equipment, and cell phone are gone. What we want to do it raise money to help her get some of these items back and get her set up to move forward. If you have ever met her, you know what we are talking about. Let’s all show Katy what this community can do. Anything helps and is always greatly appreciated.

A fundraising event is being organized and will be held on April 14th, or this Saturday.  We encourage everyone who can to attempt to help out a fellow gamer who suffered an unfortunate incident.  Help the GCON community rally around a great cause to make an unfortunate incident a little easier to deal with.

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