Gamers Planning a Modern Warfare 3 Blackout This Month

 Gamers Planning a Modern Warfare 3 Blackout This Month

There aren’t too many more powerful individuals than gamers when it comes to their own industry.  If they don’t like something, they tend to voice their opinion rather strongly.  The best part about it? Companies actually listen because happy gamers equal larger profits.

A group of gamers, which has grown quite large now, are planning to protest Modern Warfare 3.  Fans of the series aren’t very happy with the state of the game, and are complaining a large “blackout” (boycott) of the title on April 20th, 2012.  Below, we’ve listed some of the major issues that the group has an issue with in Modern Warfare 3:

  • Lag compensation
  • Matchmaking options such as: enable & disable local search and base search off the party leader when playing with friends
  • Spawn system
  • Full-featured theater mode
  • Individual volume controls in the options menu
  • Tactical insert removed from Kill Confirmed
  • More hardcore game modes
  • Better Elite playlist options

There’s quite a few complaints in the video below, but we have to say that we agree with quite a few of them.  While it is a little dramatic and we’re not entirely sure how effective it’ll be, we applaud the group for attempting to put together such a mass action.

While a day may not draw Activision or Infinity Ward to notice very much, having a mass blackout or significant drop-off in players in the game for an entire week would be a much larger statement.  However, trying to coordinate with the Call of Duty community to stop playing for an entire work, well, wouldn’t exactly work very well.

What do you think about the blackout on Call of Duty happening on April 20th, 2012?  Are you planning on participating in this global blackout?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Modern Warfare 3 in our forums.

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