2K Games Announces Release Date for BioShock Infinite

Though we’re still fairly early in 2012, October is shaping up to be a rather impressive month for video games.  Assassin’s Creed III has already been announced as launching in October and appears to be set in the American Revolution, and now BioShock Infinite gets confirmed for the same month.

2K Games has just sent over a press release announcing that BioShock Infinite will release on October 16th, 2012 in North America.  For those of you internationally, the game will officially launch for you on October 19th, 2012.

If you’ve been living under some sort of rock and you haven’t heard of BioShock: Infinite, we feel very sorry for you.  The title is being developed by Irrational Games, developers of the first BioShock, and the footage that has released so very is extremely impressive.

The game is set in 1912 in the fictional sky-city of Columbia.  The classic style of BioShock gameplay that you’ve grown to love will return, but new features such as “Sky-lines” will be used to help you travel around the city.  Did we mention that the story showcased in the trailer so far looks great? Yeah, it definitely does.

What do you think about the official release date for BioShock Infinite?  Are you looking forward to the game releasing this October? If you’re excited for the game, don’t forget to pre-order it! Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss BioShock Infinite in our forums.

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