Killzone 3 Multiplayer Goes Free-to-Play Starting Next Week

In a rather strange announcement this morning, Sony has revealed that the Killzone 3 multiplayer will be available as a free-to-play title starting next week.  All of the maps for the title will be completely unlocked for enjoyment, but there will be an unknown level cap applied to any free-to-play gamers.

Starting on Februay 23rd, 2012, Playstation 3 owners will be download the multiplayer portion of the game for free.  While the level cap is unknown at this point, Sony mentioned in the latest episode the Playstation Blogcast that you’ll also be limited on the number of skills and unlockable weapons that you can earn.  If you play it and decide that you like it, you’ll be able to download just the multiplayer portion for $14.99 from the Playstation Store.

If you’ve yet to play Killzone 3’s multiplayer, it’s well worth trying out in this free-to-play offering.  We’ve yet to see something of this nature be offered on consoles, and we applaud both Sony and Guerrilla Games for allowing gamers to try out this much of the multiplayer.  Throw in the fact that all of the maps will be available and you should see quite the surge in the total amount of players on Killzone 3 next week.

What do you think about the Killzone 3 multiplayer free-to-play offering going live next week?  Are you planning on trying it out?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Killzone 3 in our forums.

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