Mass Effect 3 Receives a Mobile Tie-In

Just about a month before its release in North America, a few details centering on a mobile component for Mass Effect 3 are beginning to get out. While news of a mobile tie in has been hinted at before, some in depth information is starting to come to fruition. The primary news from the tie in is that it will be directed primarily towards smart phones, although there are still slated to be some handheld components.

The news comes as representatives from Electronic Arts have finally broken their silence on the news of a mobile component for Mass Effect 3. Although this is the first time they spoke on the matter, they were pretty discreet with the details. Still, some of the characteristics of the tie in are worth mentioning.

Aside from just learning that the component will be directed more towards mobile devices, the other big news is that it will be tied with the Galaxy at War system. For those unfamiliar, the Galaxy at War mode is the cooperative section of the game where players team up in an effort to protect against reapers.

The limited comments come as a surprise, primarily because the release is only a month away at this point. Despite the short comments from EA and the hype around the mobile tie in, this is not the first component for the Mass Effect franchise. Following the release of Mass Effect 2, there was a small tie in with Mass Effect: Galaxy, a simplistic top-down shooter which offered some content from the major release.

The tie in component for Mass Effect 2 was widely forgot about and looked over, despite having different dialogue and linking between gamers. With the ill-success of the Mass Effect: Galaxy mobile game, the new component should look to be a little more exciting and outfitted with more features.

Since the release of Mass Effect 2, smart phones and handheld devices have only gotten more popular. The advancement of graphics and dialogue in mobile applications has also developed heavily as well. There’s been a select group that’s already disappointed with the multiplayer being attached to Mass Effect 3, thus the release could be crucial for perception.

Despite the disappointment from some, most gamers are likely to have an optimistic or indifferent opinion going into the release. One thing is certain, the fact that EA has been rather subtle in talking about the component so far could mean that they have a solid tie in on the way.

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