First In-Game Screenshots of The Last of Us Emerge

When The Last of Us was finally revealed after an impressive marketing campaign, most gamers were floored at the debut trailer.  While the trailer was impressive, most of the game has been up in the air with gamers taking shots in the dark.

Game Informer has just released the very first in-game screenshots of The Last of Us, and they definitely do not disappoint.  The graphics are definitely on quality with Naughty Dog’s most recent work: the Uncharted series.

While the screenshots don’t show much in terms of gameplay direction, they do show quite a bit of  Joel and the environments.  We’ve included all three screenshots below:

What do think about the very first in-game screenshots of The Last of Us?  What do you hope to see in terms of gameplay and story for the game when it releases?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss The Last of Us in our forums!

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