WWE ’12 Patch Notes – Coming January 30, DLC To Follow

If you’ve been keeping your eye out for the latest WWE ’12 patch news, you’ve seen a lot of…well, rumor and speculation on what is getting fixed. This afternoon, THQ released the official list of fixes in the patch and details of their third DLC pack. For those who saw my previous article about the potential leak of the make-good DLC, let’s just say I was only half right, but more on that later. Since it’s a truly lengthy list, here is a gameplay-only preview of what you can expect to see fixed when you boot up WWE ’12 on January 30th on your console of choice:

General Gameplay-

Fixed an issue where the ring texture would flash black or different colors
Addressed multiple Finisher system bugs in which players were awarded too many or too few Finishers
Fixed an issue where the Defender would freeze if the Right Stick was pressed in any direction while being Irish Whipped
Fixed an issue where two Superstars in a pin sequence swapped positions when an interfering Superstar woke the referee as he/she was standing
Fixed an issue where Superstars would freeze if certain running corner attacks were performed in the Royal Rumble
Both attacks in the Running Strikes and Running Grapples categories should now trigger consistently
Fixed several situations where a created Superstar’s move set was being improperly reset to default settings
Fixed several instances where players could Irish Whip their opponents through the Cell and/or Barricade
Fixed an issue that caused Superstars to freeze when a Finisher was performed
Sound is now working correctly after restarting a Brawl
Tuned pin escape mini-game in Elimination Chamber matches. Players can now escape after being hit with a Finisher.
Fixed a problem where tables were not properly re-spawning in Tables matches (PS3 only)
Fixed cameras for environmental weapons attacks
Various gameplay bug fixes

The schedule for DLC was also noted in a letter from Creative Director of WWE Games, Cory Ledesma, and it looks like sooner than later fans will be enjoying Brodus Clay, Mick Foley, Batista and “Macho Man” Randy Savage, as official dates for their release have been set for January 31 on Xbox 360, and February 1 on PS3.  However, the real gem came when we learned officially who the free “make good” DLC would be. Kane, yes. New Kane? Not quite, take a look for yourself directly from Cory’s letter to WWE Games fans worldwide:

I also want to apologize on behalf of our THQ team for the early technical problems experienced with our popular Online Community Creations feature. The transition to a new server can sometimes generate unforeseen issues, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. We truly appreciate your patience and support! As a token of our appreciation, we’ve included a free Superstar in our upcoming Legends & Superstars DLC Pack release to thank you for your patience. The free Superstar is a retro masked Kane from the Attitude Era. With the recent debut of the new masked Kane, we felt it would be fitting to include some Kane nostalgia for your enjoyment. This special addition to the DLC pack will be available free of charge for the first two weeks of release. Although we would love to include the latest masked Kane, the date of his debut and our model creation timelines made it impossible to include him in this pack. Please enjoy the latest addition to your roster, courtesy of THQ, and make sure Attitude Era Kane gives the rest of your roster hell!

Personally, I am an Attitude Era guy, so while I love having the most up-to-date roster possible, the fact that it wasn’t possible to include new Kane combined with my high regards for “old school” Kane makes me quite the happy wrestling gamer. Bonus points if they gave him a classic TitanTron video, but I can’t be too picky. If you’re curious to see what the DLC actually looks like, take a peek in the top right hand corner of this article or head over to the main WWE ’12 patch notes linked above, where you’ll find some high-resolution shots of the Big Red Machine working his most evil of magic.

Are you happy with the patch notes for WWE 12? Mad it isn’t new Kane, or the Superstar you were hoping? Leave a comment below or let us know in our forums!

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