Full Demo of Kinect Features in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13

When Kinect was first announced, one of the first games that I wanted to see use the technology was the Tiger Woods series.  A few years later and my wish has finally been answered thanks to EA SPORTS.

Recently, EA SPORTS announced that Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 would be the first sports simulation title to use Kinect’s fully ability.  Mike Devault, designer on the Tiger Woods series, has taken part in a brand new video for the game showcasing how Kinect really works with the game.

Being able to use voice commands to select clubs or even just play a full round of golf without using a controller is incredibly enticing.  Continue viewing below for the full video thanks to EA SPORTS.

What do you think about the ability to use Kinect in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13?  Are you planning on picking the title up when it hits store shelves on March 27th of this year?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 in our forums!

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