Rayman Origins $19.99 at ToysRUs.com


This is going to be a shorter post than typically expected, but I’ve come across a deal I couldn’t pass up on sharing with you all. I have just been informed via Twitter on a deal through Toys ‘R Us featuring one of the most simply fun games of 2011, Rayman Origins. The price point? $19.99!

On top of that, the true kicker of the deal is free shipping is included with each order. I have included links for Xbox 360 and PS3 below, but the deal is also available for Wii owners via the ToysRUs.com website as well.

For Xbox 360 users, click here. For PlayStation 3 users, click here.

If you have played Rayman Origins already, or are planning on scoring a sweet deal, leave a comment below or let us know in our forums!

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